The Ultimate PSLE Maths Online Revision is a counter-intuitive approach that helps your child to achieve her breakthrough in math without rote memorization and endless drilling. 

You may be wondering why & how it works counter-intuitively. The reasons lie in the way most people expect math to be learnt: 
  • Quick understanding of concepts during lessons 
  • Memorization of formulas and methods 
  • Students are not able to mark their own work 

However, what your child needs to master math is 
  • Enough time to grasp concepts at their own pace 
  • How to solve any problem using analysis and logic 
  • Learning from mistakes through checking their work 

The Ultimate PSLE Maths Online Revision has been meticulously designed by Coach Kai Meng (Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medalist, NUS) to help your child master PSLE math and be 100% ready for the final written exam. 

We invite you to join the hundreds of satisfied parents each year who have seen their children thrive with our friendly and supportive approach to mastering math.

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The Ultimate PSLE Maths Online Revision 2023 - Final Exam Prep

(Also known as "100-Day PSLE Math Online Booster" in 2022)

We have completed our topical revision phase, and we are now in the final examinations preparation phase, leading towards the PSLE math paper on 29 Sep 2023.

With our targeted approach, your child will gain valuable practice on all types of problems, and familiarity with the exam format, boosting their confidence and ensuring they are well-prepared for exam success.

(A1) 19 Sets of Full Exam Papers
  • 8 preliminary exams [Top school standards] 
  • 11 PSLE look-alike exams [PSLE 2012-2022] 
    • Changed numbers and contexts without changing concepts tested
    • All papers are set to the latest format and syllabus
  • Each set includes both Paper 1 & Paper 2
  • Printed papers will be sent out on Mondays at 12 PM to the mailboxes of Singapore addresses only, and expected to arrive withn 3 days.
    (No download of any exam paper in PDF at all)
  • Check completed work using the step-by-step solutions (PDF/video) on the course site for deeper learning, especially from the mistakes
  • No submission of completed work required
  • When your child has doubts, post the photos of the attempted work under the "24/7 Priority Q&A Support" within the course site

(A2) 24/7 Priority Q&A Support

  • Ask for any method to solve any problems within the PSLE syllabus from any source at any time
  • To be done within the mobile-friendly course site
  • Supported by a team of dedicated expert coaches
  • Likely response time is less than 6 h before midnight 
  • Hints and guiding questions will be given to help improve thinking and problem-solving skills 
  • Posts are visible to all students for peer learning 
  • Post by topics for better revision and sharing 
  • Get email notifications with links to specific replies 
  • Students are welcome to answer questions too 
  • To encourage good revision planning, the last day of Q&A support will be 26 Sep 2023 (PSLE Math : 29 Sep 2023)

(A3) Final Revision Resources (by 1 Sep 2023)

  • All Paper 2 problems of the 11 PSLE look-alike exams categorised into 7 conceptual groups, so that your child can know which are the frequently-tested concepts during the final selective self-revision
  • PSLE syllabus checklist

(A4) Interactive Online Lessons

  • Live attendance is optional
  • Only 1 schedule, conducted by Coach Eric Liau
  • Fridays, from 8 PM to 9.15 PM (1 h 15 min)
    • 15 lessons : 16 Jun – 22 Sep 2023 
  • Step-by-step guide on how to analyse and solve selected problems from the exam paper scheduled for each lesson 
  • No need to turn on any camera or mic
  • Interact via text messages and Coach Eric will respond orally 
  • Texts messages are not visible to other students 
  • No distraction by other students 
  • The number of students will not affect the learning experience

(A5) Recordings of Interactive Online Lessons

  • You will have access to all the recordings for multiple views until 29 Sep 2023, even if you do not attend the interactive online lessons
  • Regardless of when you sign up, all previous recordings will be accessible
  • Each recording will be published within 24 hours of the lesson 
  • Recordings can be paused, repeated, and sped up for more effective learning

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(Only if your child has the time/need to do these additional exam papers)

(B1) Everything in Option (A)

(B2) 6 Sets of Mid-Year Full Exam Papers

  • Same details as (A1) above.

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There will be a surcharge of $50 via PayNow for any additional delivery of each set of printed worksheets due to an incorrect entry of the delivery address. Please make sure to include the unit number of your address if there is one. 

If your child needs additional topical worksheets, please contact us after sign up.

In the next section, the email address for lessons and online course site should be one that will be checked regularly. It can be the same as the parent's email. We strongly recommend to avoid using any hotmail address due to issues faced by many parents.

If you have any further questions about this revision programme, you may click here to contact Coach Kai Meng on Messenger.

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