Sec 1 Math Mastery 2023

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    $90 today + 2 installments of $300 per month = $690 in Total2x $300.00/mo
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For installments :

  • Your card will be charged $90 today, $300 one month from today, and $300 two months from today. 
  • You may contact us to terminate the programme within 25 days of your sign up, and you will not be charged for the remaining monthly payments. In that case, you are only charged the $90 at sign up.
  • If you sign up with any discount code, then no termination will be allowed.
  • If an installment payment is missed, you will lose access to the lessons and the course site at once.

All payments charged to your card are final, and not refundable.

Delivery of worksheets to mailbox of Singapore address only

  • There will be a surcharge of $50 via PayNow for any additional delivery of each set of printed worksheets due to an incorrect entry of your address. 
  • Make sure to include the unit number of your address if there is one.
  • It will be sent out on Mondays at 12 PM 
    (No download of any worksheet in PDF at all)

Email address for lessons and online course site 

  • It should be one that will be checked regularly
  • It can be the same as the parent's email. 
  • We strongly recommend to avoid using any hotmail address due to issues faced by many parents.

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