2024 Sec 3 A/E Math Mastery
*** Choose between 2 course plans ***

(1) A Math Only (Original fee = $1600)

  • Sec 3 A Math concepts and worked examples videos.
  • Sec 3 A Math printed worksheets.
  • Sec 3 A Math 30 live online lessons (Saturdays 10 AM)

(2) A Math & E Math (Original fee = $3000)

  • Sec 3 A Math & E Math concepts and worked examples videos.
  • Sec 3 A Math & E Math printed worksheets.
  • Sec 3 A Math 30 live online lessons (Saturdays 10 AM)
  • Sec 3 E Math 30 live online lessons (Tuesdays 8 PM)

All plans include the following :

  • Step-by-step solutions for all worksheets. 
  • Personalised Q&A support by Team Kainetik within course site.
  • Recordings of live online lessons for multiple reviews.
  • Access from time of sign up to 31 Oct 2024.

*** Bonus benefits for all plans ***

Bonus 1 : 

Sec 1 to Sec 4 E Math concepts and worked examples videos.

Bonus 2 :

Revision practice with step-by-step solutions :

  • 11 × Sec 3 A Math Topical Essential Practice (included in delivery).
  • 19 × E Math Review Worksheets (Sec 1 to Sec 4) (in downloadable PDF files).

Bonus 3 :
Personalised Q&A support starts right after sign up, so that your child can
  • Close any gap by clarifying all outstanding doubts from earlier years (2023 or earlier) before 2024 starts.
  • Get guidance on head-start self-paced learning for 2024. 

*** Choose between 2 payment options ***

(1) Fuss-free 1-time fee

  • No refund of 1-time fee paid
  • No early termination of the plan

(2) 4 Installments

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  • The date of the 2nd payment will be shown on the receipt that you will get via email upon your successful sign up today. 
  • An installment plan may only be terminated before the 2nd payment is charged, with NO refund of the 1st payment. 
  • If you sign up with a discount code, then no termination will be allowed.
  • The 3rd payment will be charged 1 month after the 2nd payment.
  • The 4th and final payment will be charged 1 month after the 3rd payment.
  • There will be no refund for any payment already charged.
  • If any of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th payments cannot be processed, you will lose access to all parts of the course.

Special offer : Up to 50% off the original fees!

  • Preferred option
    A Math Only : 4 installments of $320 = $1280 Total (Save $320)4x $320.00
  • Preferred option
    A Math Only : 1-time fee of $1180 (Save $420)$1180.00
  • Preferred option
    A Math & E Math : 4 installments of $420 = $1680 Total (Save $1320)4x $420.00
  • Preferred option
    A Math & E Math : 1-time fee of $1480 (Save $1520) * Most Popular *$1480.00

Delivery for printed worksheets :
  • To mailboxes of Singapore addresses only.
  • Please make sure to include the unit number of your address if there is one.
  • Your contact information will be sent to a third party delivery service that will deliver the worksheets to your doorstep.
  • There will be a surcharge of $50 via PayNow for any additional delivery of each set of printed worksheets due to an incorrect entry of the delivery address.

"Your email address" should be the one set to receive the payment receipt, so it is usually the parent's email address.

Email address for course access & notifications :
  • For the link to access the course contents for the first time
  • For the link to the lessons homepage (if applicable)
  • For the notifications of the replies to your posts in Q&A
  • It should be one that will be checked regularly. 
  • It can be the same as the first (parent's) email address, where the payment receipt be received, but most prefer it to be different. 
  • We strongly recommend to avoid using any hotmail address due to problems in receiving emails faced by many parents.
  • Enter just 1 email address exactly in the box. Any extra space or character entered in the box will cause the enrolment process to fail.

<< By enrolling in our course, you acknowledge the dedication and effort we've put into creating our learning resources. We kindly ask that all materials provided - be it on the course site, downloaded PDFs, or printed worksheets - be solely used for your own child(ren)'s learning journey. These materials have been specially crafted for each enrolled student, and we trust in your respect for our work by not distributing them beyond your family. Should this trust be compromised, we may need to take necessary steps to protect our content and intellectual property. Thank you for understanding and for supporting our commitment to high-quality education! >>

If you need any further assistance, please send a WhatsApp message to 87955534 (<< clickable). Our co-founders Coach Kai Meng and Coach Junhong will attend to you as soon as possible.

*** If you have signed up for any of our math programmes in 2023, please send us a message to find out how you can get a further discount ***

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